Cert 12A 104mins Stars 3

Jennifer Lopez hits her sassy stride from the off in this modern day Cinderella-style self-improvement romcom.

The superstar singer and all-round glamorous diva stretches her acting muscles as Maya, a down-to-earth supermarket worker and keen runner who’s fed up when passed over for promotion.

A birthday wish sees her tech-savvy teenage godson creating a fake CV which catapults Maya into a top corporate consultancy job in New York, where she’s put into competition against a much younger colleague, played by former High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens.

Geared to the strengths of the straight-talking, sexy and soulful Lopez, she makes this a perfectly watchable piece of preposterous feel-good fluff.

There’s also an unexpected amount of ‘Carry On’ style innuendo which had me sniggering like a schoolboy. 

If you can handle the schmaltz of this sentimental and undemanding celebration of family, hard work and positive thinking, then Lopez’s well upholstered charisma will easily put a spring in your step.

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