Cert PG 98 mins Stars 3

The life and career of legal pioneer Ruth Bader Ginsburg is celebrated by this documentary in a dry manner which she’d undoubtedly approve.

She’s a tiny woman of huge intellect who epitomises the American Dream, a Brooklyn-born daughter of Russian immigrants who became the second of only four women to serve as a US Supreme Court Justice.

This was after she was a married mother at Harvard law school who spent the 1970’s challenging gender discrimination laws, and changing millions of lives for the better.

Possessed of a prodigious work ethic, admirably free of scandal, and with even her friends and family describing her as reserved, the filmmakers have little to report beyond court life.

An inspirational figure to young students has seen her nicknamed, ‘Notorious RBG’, but attempts at projecting celebrity onto her seem forced.

However this a useful primer before Rogue One star, Felicity Jones, plays RBG in the upcoming biopic, On the Basis of Sex.

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