Cert 15 90mins Stars 3

This weeks non-Toy Story film about a talking toy with a life of its own, is a suitably self-aware and semi-satirical slasher comedy, as well being a remake and reboot of the 1988 horror which before this had spawned six sequels.

Potty-mouthed Chucky is one of new generation of motorised dolls whose artificial intelligence is programmed to learn, but when he’s inadvertently fed a diet of classic video nasties it leads to gleeful blood-splatting violence.

Drawing on his experience of voicing Batman villain The Joker, in the long-running animated TV series, Mark ‘Luke Skywalker’ Hamill, provides Chucky with a plaintive, comic and hostile neediness.

He almost makes us almost feel sorry for the toy who just wants to be the special friend of the lonely young teen, Andy.

Releasing this today is a mischievous act of trolling, and will entertain anyone who’s daft enough to believe they are now too old and cool to enjoy the adventures of Woody, Buzz and co.

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