Cert 15 95mins Stars 4

Brash, funny and sharp, this accomplished and confident Californian comedy drama is driven by a terrific turn from Grammy and Tony award-winning rapper and singer, Daveed Diggs.

He fills every scene with charisma as Collin, a convicted felon determined to stay on the straight and narrow during his last three days on probation.

Diggs and Rafael Casal wrote the script with the latter playing Collin’s best friend, Miles, and their freewheeling charm and camaraderie are hugely entertaining, though Miles’ volatile nature forces Collin to reconsider his loyalties and life choices.

Their working for a removals firm allows us to explore their downmarket and multi-ethic borough, and the great location work grounds the story and characters in the local environment which is undergoing the unwelcome process of gentrification.

Packed with social commentary and flashes of theatrical invention, the tone is occasionally angry but rarely bitter, and astonishingly retains a sense of hope and optimism in the face of serious provocation.

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