Cert 15 135mins Stars 3

Manipulation and abuse have long term consequences in this studious French drama based on 2015’s best-selling novel by Christine Angot.

Virginie Efira and Niels Schneider are class-divided lovers Rachel and Philippe, but where she is open and trusting, he is arrogant, reserved and offers philosophical musings to justify his conduct.

Actress and singer, Jehnny Beth, narrates and channels a great deal of righteous anger as their adult daughter, Chantal, who is deeply affected by her parents behaviour.

Directed with self-assurance by French veteran, Catherine Corsini, she embraces the multi-cultural face of modern France while suggesting the French states values of liberty, equality and fraternity primarily serve wealthy white middle class men.

An intelligent script and the seductively photographed locations are among the reasons to like this film, but covering decades stretches our patience and with a long wait until the one great scene in a cafe, I found it impossible to love.

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