Cert 12A 117mins Stars 2

Inspirational parenting pep talks mix awkwardly with vigilante violence in this mawkish and misjudged foster family comedy drama, from the maker of Mark Wahlberg’s Daddy’s Home films.

Writer and director Sean Anders is reunited his leading man, who buffs his everyman credentials as a husband who loves his power tools.

As his wife, the unfortunate Rose Byrne is once again lumbered with a role which requires her to gurn a combination of anxiety, neediness and mania.

The white couple choose to becoming foster parents to three hispanic siblings, and the film is apparently inspired by a true story, but no, not Angelina Jolies.

As they slowly bond, there’s a tiresome parade of wacky in-laws, kindly social workers and sleazy janitors, as it’s all seen from the adults’ point of view this may alienate any kids in the audience.

And if I really wanted to experience chaotic family life while suffering unlooked for advice in parenting, I’d go visit my sister.




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