Cert 15 100mins Stars 3

It’s a gruesome Groundhog Day again as a masked psychopath makes a killer comeback in this daftly entertaining sequel to 2017’s US comedy horror breakout hit.

Jessica Rothe is possessed of a winning determination to bring as much humour as possible to her repetitive situation as she returns as a university student caught in a time loop which resets every day at the moment of her death.

The over-stuffed script by director Christopher Landon requires her to die in a variety of ways and while he shamelessly name-checks, Back To The Future 2, as a major influence, so clearly is the TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

A team of science geeks have invented a device which operates on errr, quantum something or other, and Rothe needs their help to break the time loop.

Logic and consistency are beside the point in this knockabout mashup of gleeful violence, dual roles, multiple personalities, and multiverse dimensions, resulting in undemanding fun.



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