Cert 15 90mins Stars 4

If you’re scared by the way puberty turns boys into teenage mood-swinging monsters, then you’ll be terrified by this horror twist on the Superman story, produced by the brain behind Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films.

A childless couple discover a meteorite containing a two year old alien on their Kansas farm and adopt him as their own child.

But ten years later their happiness is destroyed when young Brandon discovers he has powers of speed, flight and strength, and decides he wasn’t put on Earth to pursue truth, justice and the American way.

Instead he’s possessed of an unthinking sense of predatory entitlement as he begins a toxic campaign of terror against the town’s womenfolk, making for a challenging change of tone for Pitch Perfect star Elizabeth Banks, as his mother.

With references to vampires and the eyeball-slicing antics of early cinema, the smart staging of the strong script delivers excellent character work, social commentary, biblical torment and knuckle-biting gory thrills.

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