Cert 15 139mins Stars 4

Take a delirious freestyle trip through Los Angeles with Andrew Garfield in this sleazy, sex-driven and violent Hollywood neo-noir mystery.

The former Spider-man is paranoid and far-out as Sam, an unemployed stoner who has five days to pay his rent or be evicted.

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough, commands our attention as his neighbour, and when Sam obsessively explores her overnight disappearance, he becomes convinced there’s a conspiracy involving a local dog killer and a missing billionaire daredevil stuntman.

With the sun-kissed hues and a blissed-out tone smuggling an outrageous satire on the entertainment industry, there’s an hallucinogenic black comic vibe as pool parties and performance art mix with animated interludes and psychotic nightmares.

Having wowed us in 2014 with his superb horror, It Follows, writer, director and producer, David Robert Mitchell, has created an intoxicating freaked out parody of the self-involved lunacy of L.A., and though definitely an acquired taste, I loved it every messed up mental minute.



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