Cert 12A 84mins Stars 3

Writer Roddy Doyle scored a huge hit with 1991’s barnstorming musical, The Commitments, however this social conscience drama demonstrates he’s no longer in a singing and dancing mood.

Gone are the fiery humour and burning optimism of youth, as he explores how the sale of Dublin’s social housing to private landlord’s leaves the locals hungry and dispossessed in their own country, a situation of acute historical resonance.

A quietly moving character study full of natural performances, it bears comparison to 2016’s, I, Daniel Blake, for its clear-eyed commitment to its cause. 

Sarah Green anchors the slight story as Rosie, who spends her days ringing around trying to find temporary accommodation for her four kids, while her partner works long hours in a minimum wage job.

As the soul-sapping grind of creeping desperation takes it’s toll, Rosie garners all the more sympathy for her lack of self pity and determination to keep going in a seemingly hopeless situation.


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