Cert 12A 97mins Stars 4

Set sail for high seas adventure with this gloriously inspirational documentary which charts the efforts of the first all-female crew to enter the prestigious Whitbread round the world yachts race in 1989.

It’s a sport I have zero interest in, but I was totally on board with the pioneering team during this exhilarating voyage.

Having ran away to sea as a teenager, Tracy Edwards caused a storm in the male-dominated sport when she remortgaged her house to buy a decrepit second hand boat which in a defiantly provocative act, is re-named, Maiden.

Edwards is skipper and navigator on the 33,000 nautical mile race, and her 12-strong crew combat icebergs, sleep deprivation, and a wave of sexist condescension from competitors and press.

However it powers their determination to compete, and when Edwards announces her intention ‘to just go for it’, I almost stood up and cheered. If there’s a more uplifting documentary this year then I can’t wait to see it.

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