Cert 15 95mins Stars 3

This paranoid rock ‘n’ roll road trip is a satanic jam of hypnotic trance-like rhythm and and in-your-face punk attitude.

Edward Hayter and Aki Omoshaybi take centre stage as a down-at-heel Deptford duo who steal a very valuable vinyl record and set off in their old banger to flog it.

From London to Newcastle via Norwich they experience drug induced hallucinations and new-nazi’s, as they’re pursued by Scandinavian bikers who want their Death Metal record returned.

There’s an enjoyably eclectic soundtrack stretching back to 1950s Memphis, Tennessee, while the film influences of Brit director Jeremy Wooding clearly include classic British burning man horror, The Wicker Man.

After a shaky-cam start it becomes more assured and offers a bleak views of life on the margins, with the US presented as an inspirational fantasy.

Coronation Street’s Denise Welch turns up on a high rise estate and Katie Collins rocks her role as a gun-toting leather clad hedonist.


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